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About My Work

A Licensed Aesthetician

Angel Smith is a licensed aesthetician and CEO at Angel’s Beauty Bar LLC. She is Passionate about skincare, and is a graduate of Kaizen Beauty Academy. Angel is trained in skin wellness, most often helping clients combat complexion problems through a number of therapies and practices. In addition to engaging in therapies that are designed to improve the tone, texture, color, and youthfulness of the skin and of the face and neck, she has learned the ins and outs of successful treatment plans and home care regimens. Through each facial she strives to give her clients the results they are seeking with custom treatments designed to efficiently clean and refresh the skin while promoting deep relaxation. Angel has also developed a talent for quick painless waxing methods and specializes in nervous and first-time waxing clients. Certified in Microdermabrasion, Eyelash Extensions and chemical peels, Angel’s ultimate goal is to help her clients to love their skin by providing them with the information, tools and treatments they need to feel healthier and beautiful.

“Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out.”

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